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Common New Home Owner Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

As a new home owner, it's important to be aware of some of the most common mistakes that people make so you can avoid them yourself. From not budgeting for repairs to forgetting about outdoor maintenance, to overspending on improvements, read on for some tips on how to make sure your home ownership experience is a positive one.


One of the most common mistakes that new home owners make is not budgeting for repairs and maintenance. Although it's easy to forget about these costs when you're first starting out, they can quickly add up and become a burden. To avoid this, set aside a monthly or annual repair and maintenance budget so you'll be ready when something needs to be fixed.

Outdoor Maintenance

Another common mistake is neglecting outdoor maintenance. Just because you're not inside your home all the time doesn't mean you can ignore the exterior. Regularly cleaning gutters, trimming trees and bushes, and power washing your siding will help keep your home looking its best and can also prevent bigger problems down the road.

Plan for Future Expenses

Also, don't forget to plan for the future when you're a new home owner. Although it's tempting to splurge on furniture and decorations for your new home, it's important to save up for larger purchases like a new roof or replacement windows. By planning ahead, you can avoid being caught off guard by unexpected expenses and keep your home in good shape for years to come.

Don't Overspend on Home Improvements

Finally, be careful not to overspend on future home improvements, if you can save money and still get a high quality end product that is usually the better way to go. Here are some suggestions for ways you can save on future home improvements when the time comes:

  • Avoid hardwood floor, if you need new flooring buy vinyl plank, it's cheaper, water proof, durable, and more wear resistance, it even looks like hardwood.

  • Don't get sucked in by expensive custom cabinets, you can easily over spend on the fancy european custom design cabinets, when the standard ikea kitchen cabinets will save you thousands and no one will know the difference.

  • Don't waste money on tiling your bathroom shower floor to ceiling. If you do, you'll have to spend thousands floating and water proofing the floor below. Instead, put in a fiberglass tub or shower base which is already water proof and tile up from there.

  • Don't buy new windows unless you really have too, although there is a cost savings to increased energy efficiency, it takes a long time for this investment to pay itself off and it won't add much resale value compared to the substantial upfront cost.

  • Don't waste money on a new door. The door slab alone can be really expensive, and that's not including the new frame and the installation. Instead, if your door isn't falling apart, just sand it down and add a new coat of paint.

  • If you have a hole in your roof it makes sense to want to call a roofer and get a professional opinion, but be careful, they might quote you a whole roof replacement when all you really need is a quick patch job. This is something a roofer can do for a few hundred dollars instead of costing you tens of thousands, and often you just need a piece of asphalt roofing and some caulking to fix the hole. If you don't trust the first inspection you receive don't hesistate to get a second quote.

  • If you have water damage under the sink, don't replace the whole cabinet, fix the water problem and cover the old surface with a vinyl stick on surface.

  • avoid installing a tankless water heater, although the cost for the hardware may be the same as a hot water tank you'll have to pay a plumber a lot of money to get this more advanced/complicated system installed. If you need a replacement just go with a new hot water tank instead.

  • Don't overspend on a new toilet, you can easily spend thousands on a new toilet that will hardly be noticed when a simpler model for a few hundred is almost just as nice.

  • For landscaping, don't buy annuals, these plants might include beautiful followers like tulips and marigolds, but then you have to plant them every year which is time, money, and effort to maintain. Instead, plant perrenials that will survive all seasons in your climate

  • Don't spend a lot of money on an expensive pressure washer, instead borrow one from a friend or neighbor, or pay your painter a little extra to pressure wash your house so you don't have to maintain it.

Budgeting, outdoor maintenance, planning for future expenses, and overspending on home improvements are areas where home owners often go wrong. Make sure you're avoiding the common mistakes to help you enjoy a smooth transition into home ownership. If you can incorporate some of the above suggestions, it will help you to save money, avoid stress, and plan ahead in taking care of your home. From budgeting for repairs to taking care of outdoor maintenance, to planning for future improvements, keep these tips in mind to make sure your experience is a positive one.


I am a Victoria based local realtor with eXp Realty. My commitment to honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work have been important pillars for me because they drive a high standard of excellent service for my clients. Helping you realize your dream is my goal!

I service Vancouver Island, but my focus is on: Victoria, Sooke, Saanich, Malahat, Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Duncan, and the rest of the Cowichan Valley.



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