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A Basement Renovation: More Than Just a New Coat of Paint

The Heartbeat of Every Home

Did you ever play in the basement as a child? Do you remember sneaking downstairs, turning it into a fortress or an enchanted dungeon? Maybe it's that sense of nostalgia or the potential of that underground space, but basements hold an emotional allure that most homeowners miss. Believe me, it's a gold mine you don't want to overlook!

What's the Big Deal About Basements?

You might ask, "Why on Earth should I care about my dark, possibly spider-infested basement?" Remember when "Breaking Bad" was all the rage, and everyone wanted a car wash? Basements are the new car wash of the home industry. Maybe I'm overselling it slightly, but there are lots of benefits to simply renovating your humble unfinished basement. Let's delve into some concrete reasons to transform your basement.

Financial Gains

When we talk about real estate, we talk about numbers. Square footage translates into dollar signs. Think about it: you're sitting on an entirely unused floor space. When a realtor lists a home on the MLS, they will typically get photos and floor plans. Those floor plans will usually come with measurements, and those measurements will break down the finished and unfinished square footage of the home. Now, while an unfinished basement could easily be converted into a finished, usable space, a lot of people don't want the hassle of having to do those renovations themselves. While some people may see potential, most will see another chore or task that they would rather avoid. If you can do some of the heavy lifting for your future buyer, this will add some decent resale value if and when you're ready to sell someday. What's more, when we go back to our listing example, there is a big difference between the way people view finished and unfinished space. Think about it this way: finished space is readily useable living space, whereas unfinished space is not readily useable at all. Moreover, unfinished space could include anything from a basement to a garage to a dirt-filled crawl space! Not exactly a selling point for most buyers, and what's more, when agents set up custom listing searches for their clients, some of those clients require a minimum amount of living space. If your future buyer needs a minimum of 2000 square feet of living space, and your home currently has 1500 finished space, plus another 500 square feet of easily converted unfinished basement space, guess whose home is getting cut from that buyer's listing search? So, completing an unfinished basement isn't just about extending the functionality of your home. For a lot of buyers, it can put your home in a completely different product category, and that means you'll be able to reap additional resale value in the future. Remember, a renovated basement can significantly increase your property's value in the ever-shifting real estate market.

More Room for Activities!

Remember that scene in "Step Brothers" When Will Ferrell and and John C. Reilly (two 40+ year-old men) are begging their parents to be able to convert their single beds into a bunk bed the night before a big interview? For those who haven't seen the movie, a hilariously misconstructed bunk bend (literally one bed stacked on the other and precariously held together by a few loose boards, a hockey stick, and a giant pencil) results in Brennan (Will Ferrell) accidentally getting crushed under the combined weight of Dale (John C. Reilly) and the top bed crashing down on him. While I doubt you can relate to that specific situation, most people can relate to the brothers' combined quest to create more space for "so many activities!" Kidding aside, there are good reasons why so many people will move up from a condo or a townhouse to a fully detached house: the pursuit of more space, not just to feel less cramped, but to entertain barbecue, have family dinners, set up movie nights, and use the space for more activities. While you can't exactly barbecue in your basement (or at least you probably shouldn't), a finished basement is a great multipurpose room. It's not just a space for storage, the possibilities are endless, from hobbies to home theaters to gyms or the best darn man cave you've ever seen. And you don't have to risk getting crushed by a horribly misconstructed bunk bed to achieve that goal. What would you do with all that extra room?

Not Just for Kids

I've heard people say, "I don’t need more space. The kids will be moving out soon." But have you noticed the trend of multi-generational homes on the rise? A basement can be transformed into a cozy in-law suite. And as we're all living longer (thanks to advancements in healthcare), this can be a really smart move. While it may not be a good fit for everyone, some families want space to take care of Mom in her older age. Sometimes, an unfinished ground-level house with separate access can be converted into a beautiful garden suite for Mom or a separate suite for your kids to rent out once they are ready for their own space but still need a little help to get on their feet.

Embrace the Green Life

And by this, I don't mean converting your basement into a jungle with plants, though that’s an idea. Did you know that basements are naturally more energy-efficient? Buried under the ground, basements are better insulated against the fluctuating weather. That means your basement space or future garden suite could be the perfect place to escape the Summer heat while remaining reasonably insulated during the Spring, Fall, and Winter months. That means cost savings on heating and cooling and fewer carbon emissions. So, not only are you potentially saving on heating and cooling bills, but you're also doing a solid for Mother Earth.

The Pandemic Effect

Who among us didn’t feel couped up during those endless Zoom calls? While it's easy (and tempting) to say, "Well, hopefully, that's behind us." The way we view our living spaces has been permanently altered. Gone are the days when condos and smaller spaces were in vague; if the pandemic has shown us anything, it's that people want more space, and they're willing to move to smaller communities to get it. While a cramped space may feel endlessly limiting, an unfinished basement can invite endless opportunities. That basement could be your next chic home office, gaming room, sewing room, you name it!

Yes, But Renovations Sound Daunting

I hear you. The mere mention of "renovations" makes many of us shudder. Didn’t Aunt Mary redo her kitchen and it cost a fortune? Or maybe it took forever to complete, and now she can’t find anything in all the drawers and cabinets. Granted that any renovation is going to cost time, money, and potentially a lot of work. However, the end result is often extremely gratifying and can transform your quality of life for years to come. Not to mention that, unlike a purpose-built room like a kitchen or bathroom, a basement is a blank canvas. You can convert it into anything the space will allow for, giving you a wide range of options to utilize the space in a way that optimizes your use value and enjoyment over time. Compared to other rooms, a basement might be the most flexible space in your house to transform into whatever you want. No use purpose limitations, and no prior expectations if it was previously unfinished space. It's difficult to make an unfinished space worse than before, so you generally have nowhere to go but up!

The Moral of the Story

At the end of the day, whether it's financial, adding more functional space, or just trying to recreate your favorite "Friends" episode" with your own Central Perk downstairs, there's no end to options for renovating that basement. Think about what could make your basement amazing, save up for it, and then make it a reality.

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